No Corroboration, No Consultation

Pretty dismayed but not at all surprised to see that Kenny MacAskill and the Scottish Government are intent on ignoring the opinion of almost every lawyer, judge and advocate in the country and continuing with the intent to remove corroboration.

It seems incredible that they can ignore the opinion of EVERY judge in the country and go with the recommendations of Lord Carloway but this seems to be exactly what they are doing.

There is worryingly very little coverage on this issue and I don't think people are very aware of the implications.  The risk for miscarriages of justice as convictions can be made on the word of one person only are there for all to see.

It's also very sad that they are making the law decidedly less Scottish.  I genuinely fear for the state of consultation should we become an independent nation if this is the precedent.

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Not proven: Judges rebel over evidence rule plans

I just despair at the next two years and the constant politicking that is coming our way, the Crown Office seems to be too close to the governement and legislation is going through without proper consultations at a frightening pace.  With no real second chamber to criticise and examine policy I fear for the law going forward.