City Primeval - Opening Friday 17th June at 6pm

Delighted to have work in this group show, from the Esbat Collective at Coburg House.

City Primeval is a multi-disciplinary exploration of two worlds - the sophisticated and the wild, binary opposites which cannot exist without each other. The aim of the work is to reflect the constant tension between the civilised and primitive aspects of our nature.

The work is inspired by the pursuit of true satisfaction amidst the transitory temptations of the city, and how it can be found (or lost) in the experience of human closeness, friendship and companionship, but also in knowledge of one's own limitations. 

Exhibiting artists

Carolann Alexander
Tessa Berring
Johanna Bommelin
Heather Craig
Ciara Dunne
Faith Elliott
Penny Forbes
Rachel Forbes
Komachi Goto
Jo Richardson
Mel Roy
Fee Scroggie
Mary Trodden
Marta Tycinska
Sarah Wilson

Part of Embassy Annuale 2016.

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