No 2 Scottie Dog, Conte and Charcoal on Drafting Film

I received some great feedback about one of my Scottie drawings at the weekend, have been continuing to make dog pieces this week whilst working on updating my online stores at Artfinder and Redbubble.  

I also have a number of pictures on display and for sale at Moar for your Home in Kintore.

Prices from only £60 onwards for a small piece and you can see some of the pieces on their Facebook page.

Here is a wee scruffy scottie dog, they are such expressive little characters, this wee guy is also available to buy.  

As always I am happy to deal direct and avoid any additional shipping and commission charges for the customer.

No 2 Scottie Dog, Charcoal and Conte on Mylar, A3

No 2 Scottie Dog, Charcoal and Conte on Mylar, A3

Drafting Film Arrives

Well my order of A3 drafting film arrived it's nice & thick and I can't wait to get working on it.

I'm making a series of dog pictures for sale to go up north later on in the summertime. 

The film is mounted onto paper or board using a Golden Acrylic medium.  It is a lovely surface for conte & charcoal, I've used acrylics too and they work well and I will give the oils a try too going forward.

Here's a wee work in progress for you...



Mylar/Drafting Film

I've been trying to source Mylar for drawing on, seems that it's called drafting film over here. Got an A4 sample through - matte on both sides so here's a wee choppy sketch I made to try it out, of my favourite cabinet secretary. It's conte & charcoal, I like the surface you can make some nice textures & marks. I have had some film arrive that is matte one side only so will see how that goes and report back :)


Kenny sketch, photo via the phone as it is still on the easel.